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Pic of the month-

Here you can see the picture of the month of members at Brf Fjällvattnet

Photographer: Peter Johansson
The picture is from September 2019 at Fjällvattnet

Brf Fjällvattnet in Funäsdalsfjällen 750 meter of the sea

20 kilometers south west of Tännäs, on a peninsula in the lake Vattnan, there is the cottage village Fjällvattnet with 38 timber houses.

The village is close to the nature reserve Rogen, which many descibe as Swedens most southerly wilderness.

Here you have the possibility to rent a timber cottage or by shares.


Important message to our shareholders!
When you intend to rent a cottage, please contact the Reception desk directly through email ( or by phone (+46 72 731 80 40)
If you make your reservation on our webpage, you don't get the correct price.

Best regards
Reception desk

Picture of the month

If you have a nice picture taken at Fjällvattnet or in the neighbourhoods, please sent a picture to
The size of the picture must be maximum 900 pixels on the long side.
At the end of the month the board will nominate the winner.
Thanks very much for yoyr contribution.

Contact us:

BRF Fjällvattnet
Fjällvattnet 100
840 94 Tännäs
tel +46 (0)72-731 80 40
fax +46 (0)72-731 80 40

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